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Recommendations for a lapidary/jewelry artist in Tucson, AZ


I am trying to assist a friend in the Tucson, AZ area who has broken one of two opals in her gold ring and is hoping to have the opal replaced (it is a white opal). Would anyone have some recommendations for: a) a lapidary artist who would be able to cut a new stone to fit the current setting and b) a jeweler who could set the new opal?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance or direction you can provide me with this matter!!

Rebecca Fortier
Rebecca Alden Designs

Contact your local lapidary club…
Sharon Perdasofpy

Rebecca, here’s a list of lapidary clubs and gem and mineral societies in the Rocky Mountains area, including Tucson:

Good luck,


Hi. I forwarded your request to Jeweler Cynthia Downs. She knows folks who can help you.

Karen Christians
Western Avenue Studio, #506
122 Western Avenue
Lowell, MA 08105

Hi Karen! Thank you so much for your help!! Best, Rebecca

Hello Lorraine,

Thank you very much for the information and assistance!!!

Best regards,

Thank you for your suggestion, Sharon!


Would strongly suggest lapidary person who also knows and does setting and jewelry making as well. That person is who is a master brazlian cutter who also cuts opals and many other stones both faceting, fancy facetiong, carved cabs , jewelry carvings , ext Gerson Bispo of Miami Flroida . His phone is : 304-417-3245
Mr Bispo has overseen cutting facilities in India, Hong Kong, Brazil and in the USA. He is an extremely skillful gemstone cutter and lapidary artist having cut many different stones including opals and all set many stones as well. He also is known for jewelry carvings and heat treatments of gemstones and other treatments as well having worked with irradiated as well as other treatments in gemstones.
I would highly recommend him as many club cutters or others may not have the experience nor the ability of cutting opals or other kinds of gemstones.
Lee Horowitz, M.Ed,CAGS, GemologistPeru Blue Opal Ltdminers-cutters-manufacturers USA-Lima Peru- Nairobi Kenya

Thank you very much for your recommendation, Lee. I was hoping to find someone in the Tucson area but I will certainly keep Mr. Bispo in mind.

Many thanks!