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Recommend a Rolling mill

Hello all -

I am part of the metalcraft group at the Toledo rock Club. Recently
we decided to try to get a used rolling mill for reducing mokume
billets and for patterning metal. I was asked to try and find one
that would work.

I looked at some of the new inexpensive mills and discovered that
they don’t open wide enough to accommodate the billets that I make (
I have a Gesswein T-101 that opens to about 12mm)

So, I have 2 questions:

1 - Can anybody recommend makes and models of rolling mills that
open up to about 10mm for rolling sheet?

2 - Can anybody recommend a source for used equipment that I could
contact once I have a list of models that would meet these needs?

If you wish, reply offlist to @Debra_Hoffmaster

Thanks for your time

I looked at some of the new inexpensive mills and discovered that
they don't open wide enough to accommodate the billets that I make 

Hi Debby, This may not be the answer you were looking for, but let me
toss it out there for your consideration. You can forge your billet
thinner with a hammer in order to begin the reduction until it will
fit between the rollers of the mill. The hammering may not have the
precision you want, but I suspect the rolling after forging would
even things back out again.

For what its worth,

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Debby, While I dont have enough experience with enough different
brands of rolling mills to recommend a specific one, I can tell you
of one place that sells used equipment including rolling mills. It is
Gold International Machinery. They sell
new and used equipment. They don’t have a large selection of rolling
mills, and you have to email them to get prices. I bought a new
Durston Mini-Mill from them a couple months ago. They were very
helpful and I had my rolling mill within a few days. It cost me $4
less than it would have at RioGrande. You could probably contact them
and tell them the kind of thing youre looking for and they may be
able to help. I’m in no way connected with them, just a happy

Good luck,

Debby, None of the hand rolling mills sold in the US right now will
work with more than 6mm thick sheet. The larger Cavilin Power mills
will open up to 12mm or more but they start at over $3000.00. Tatum
a Spanish manufacturer used to make a hand powered mill that would
work. It had two hand cranks and a large reduction gear on the side,
it would open up quite wide. The last company to sell this model
that I know of was Allcraft so you might call them and see if you
can get more info from them. David’s suggestion of forging your
billet before rolling is the way to go unless you are lucky enough
to find one of these old Tatums or have the money for a motorized

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