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Recommend a casting company please?

Hello! I am looking to expand my production this year, and am in the
market for a casting company, but please, A GOOD ONE! I’ve had poor
experienceswith 2 companies already, and am wary of trying any one
of the many that Ifind out there without a reference, so… any
recommendations? I am looking to cast in silver, gold, and bronze.
Thank you in advance- I really appreciate the
point-in-the-right-direction! Warmly, Nisa

Pure Castings in Australia :wink: I find them to be excellent. CIA

Hello Nisa,

I’ll recommend Racecare Jewelry. Dan Grandi is very helpful if you
have technical questions. Website

Judy in Kansas, where it promises to be a lovely day. Maybe the
remaining snow piles will finally melt.

I’d call and do a phone interview first. Try Racecar Jewelry - Dan

  1. What’s your turn-around time? What is the time-frame for the
    project (based on # of pieces, etc) 2. Do you require a deposit to
    begin a project? 3. Who will be my contact person for the company?4.
    Can you provide photographs of finished castings for approval? 5. Do
    you have a price list?

I’ve had disappointed customers report on “other” casting companies,
not to be named.


I use Robert Snell Casting in Grass Valley CA for my casting that I
don’t do myself. Have worked with Robert for more than 25 satisfied

Hope this helps
Sam Brown


Dan Grandi at RaceCar Jewelry. He has done several castings for me.
He teaches at MetalWerx. He has always delivered on time and gorgeous


Good luck, MA

Best Cast in NJersey. good people great service.


GM Casting House in Chicago

It would be helpful if you could give some idea as to type of
castings required. A caster doing a great job with bronze statues is
rarely the best choice to cast an Art Nouveau style 18K gold pendant.
Or vice-versa.