Recommend a caster

Hi all,

I have received an order to make a Dolphin brooch/pendant out of 18ct
white gold. The dolphin will be 2.5 inches in length and pave set
entirely in small diamonds.I cast a lot in yellow gold, but I am not
comfortable with white gold.

So I would like to FEDEX the wax model to a caster who can cast it
for me. I dislike rhodium plating, so I would like to have it cast
in an alloy that can stand on its own. Also, I do the setting, so I
want it to be as soft as possible.

I have heard lots of good things from Race Car jewellery? but if any
one could recommend a caster, that would be much appreciated. I live
in St Maarten, about 500 miles from Miami.

Thanks, Hans Meevis.