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Mornin’ Yall,

Its a gorgeous day in the Rockies, but there’s already been
a little dusting of snow on Longs so its time to head south.
Before we pack the laptop I must tell you how much all you
Orchid folks have added to my summer. I’ve found more
answers to more questions that I didn’t even know how to

A month or so ago I asked for help regarding blue coral. To
each of you who answered, many thanks. Using your answers I
found that I did indeed have some of the real stuff as well
as some dyed. After trying lots of other solvents, I finally
used dimethylsulfoxide and one batch gave up its color.
Someone asked where I got the coral in the first place. The
dyed batch was a gift from a friend who just didn’t want it
and the real stuff I purchased in a batch of other old beads
at an auction. The dyed looks great w/ denim and sells well.
Now, I know its dyed, tell my customers and have no
problems (like misrepresentation).

To the Orchid Digest, thanks for not throwing me off when I
repeatedly hit the reply rather than doing as you politely
asked. I have also learned a lot about computers this
summer. Trial and error, lots of ERRORS. For sure I learned
that if I kept my mouth shut long enough Bob Arnold would
post what I wanted to say in half the words, but where have
you been lately, Tom? Well, here goes with out you, Arno.

Re white diamond tripoli: Call Travis at the Naja in
Westminster CO. He knows his inventory, ships usually same
day, and like Orchid is a wealth of excellent info on
how-tos. 1-303-426-6284, fax is 1-303-426-8110. The Naja,
Inc., 3003 74th Ave., Westminster, CO 80030.

Re polishing around bezel cups in tight areas: Swest has
some blue polishing burs that come in a very small size. Can
get the order number if you contact me off line next week.
@CHA70. Also, back to the old Tropical Shine nail
file. It is cushioned and has several degrees of sanding
and one of polishing. Cut out size and grit you need. I’ve
used this in 1.5mm spaces with good results. Usually
available in beauty supply shops.

Re thingys to replace tie tacks: They’re called tie clasps.
Generally favored are those with alligator clips on the
back of a bar. Try crafts supply sources or Lap Journal.
Maybe incorporate rivets or other means of attaching your
designs to the bar. To make it look good, try silver
plating the clasps, bar, etc. and note to customers that
clasp are plated but your designs are not. If you want to
make the tie bar I think I can dig up a design that is made
of bent and work hardened round wire. Contact me off-line
next week if you’re interested.

This weekend I’m going to Glory (AKA the Santa Fe Flea Mkt)
on the way to lurking and listing from Arizono. Will truly
miss you guys 'til then.

Joyce in Colorado

If you get those