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Receiving emails


I only receive one or two e-mails per day when in past years I have received many, many more.

Plus I have asked a question and it has not been posted.

Wondering what is going on?



Hi Laurie - if you are having issues, please email us so we can help.


Hi @laurie, I just sent you an email to help solve this. You should definitely be getting more than a couple a day.


Can you please resend it the email or link to fix the email problem once again, thank you. Laurie


Hi. I’m not sure if you got my emails about this so I’ll copy and paste below what I wrote:

Hi Laurie,

I saw your question about Orchid emails. I’d love to help get to the bottom of this because you should be getting more than a couple emails per day. I checked our email logs and it look like we’ve sent you 17 emails in the last 24 hours. Below I’ll include the subjects of these emails. Can you search your email program to see if you got these? Perhaps some of them went into your spam folder?

– Leah

The subjects of the emails were:

Shipping Internationally question
Torch System
Keeping rolling mill in Good condition
Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects
Repairing sterling and turquoise bracelet
Discoloration on Rhodium Plate
Why Silver Plate Sterling Silver?
Anybody Use Shibuichi?
Wire increasing in width
My humble worbench
Gemologist classes and buy used test instruments equipment