Recap on Alan Revere Workshop in Thailand

Just to share my experience with you all.

GJbiz, a local organization, hosted a workshop called Not Just
Another Jewelry Design Workshop by Alan Revere from September
29-October 3, 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand. More than 20 people took
the class and learned so much in just 5 days!

As it happens here in Thailand, when people attend a jewelry design
class, they would learn basically how to render jewelry…but not
how to DESIGN jewelry. Many workshop participants are already
working as “jewelry designers” but realized half-way through the
workshop that they only knew how to draw but not how to think of a
design in a way Alan showed them. It’s very refreshing!

It’s not very often that we get to think outside the box. Alan showed
us how to find inspirations from various techniques that we would
have not thought of. Thanks Alan!

We (GJbiz and/or Tanim) hope to be able to offer unique workshops to
jewelry professionals in Thailand throughout the year. If you are
interested, please contact offline.