Really deep orange yellow color gold

Hello folks, I have been working in high karat gold for a while now.
I want to get that really deep orange yellow color. I spoke with a
gut today that told me that the Indian 22k gold that has that bright
color is patinated. What he really said was that:

  1. the gold is boiled in sulfuric acid.

  2. It is then plated [?] with a solution that has shellac in it.

He said this is what really gives the gold that bright orange look.
Does anyone out there know what that ‘plating’ solution is? I
question the plating aspect only because I cant’ understand how
shellac is put into a solution that somehow is affecting a real
plating process. However, I have no idea, so if anyone can explain
this and help with a formula I would love the info.



I don’t know anything about a plating solution with shellac, but, I
have looked (not used) at solutions that ‘plate’ clear coatings on
metal. I think the electrical bath is used for improved surface
contact, maybe similar to powder coating (which I have contracted in
large quantities in the past, there is no clear coat that I know of
for powder coating.)

Daniel Culver

No personal knowledge on this particular product but see:

You will find an automotive powder clear coat. Also a bit on powder

try it.