Reallly inexpensive stones

hello everybody!

I usually avoid using a lot of gemstones because of the costs. I
have a silver line of jewelry. Every stones source I ever had the
prices for stones would radically change everytime I needed them.
Anyhow, I am looking for an inexpensive and predictable source of
round faceted 5mm and 6mm garnet stones, citrine, peridot and
amythest. Rio is okay but sometimes their price are too high for me.
I need CHEAP and I bulk by the dozens. Any sources out there??

dedemetal jewelry

DeDe : try Prashant Gems at I have been
dealing with them for about 9 years they come to the U. S. twice a
year and if you email them what you are looking for they will bring
it with them. They carry thousands of carats of calibrated
semi-precious goods as well as significant single stones. They will
also cut to your specifications. phone # is 91-141-620451 an
overseas call as they ate in Jaipur India ask for Prashant Jain.
Great people to do business with. Mention my name so they know where
you found out about them. They should be in the states around Sept
or Oct. Good luck Frank Goss.

Hello DeDe,

Here are two sources for bulk colored stones from which I have bought
with good results. Both are Orchid people. Shipments have been timely
even though both are in parts of Asia:

Creative Gem and Jewelry, website:

Crescent Gems, website:

Another source for unique and beautiful cuts, although I’m not sure
he is into production of small stones is Gerry Galeraneau, another
Orchidian; website:

Hope you are successful in your searth,
Judy in Kansas

Try Jacoby Gems out of NY - They sell carded semi-precious gems that
are well calibrated, machine cut in rounds and square. The price per
stone averages around 0.33 to 0.36 cents for all the stones you

Studio C Designs

Dede, A year ago I was looking for a quanity of reasonably priced
peridot, amethyst and citrine cabs so I ordered some from Zarlene.
The citrine was extrememly pale and the peridot was a lot more
included than I would have liked so I called them to arrange to send
them back and was informed there were no returns so I won’t buy from
them again even though the price was cheap. Annette

Hi DeDe, We carry some 30 or 40 thousand stones to include garnet,
citrine, peridot and amethyst. The majority of our inexpensive items
are not photographed or listed specifically because it would not be
cost effective. We beat Stuller and Rio Grande both in quality and
price hands down. We buy, cut, and treat rough, if necessary, in our
atmospheric high temperature oven. Feel free to give us a try and
compare. It would be our pleasure to assist.

Ed Cleveland
Link to colored stones:

Hi Dede,

When you use the words “really inexpensive”, do you mean you intend
to place low-quality materials into your jewelry pieces, or that
you’re starting out and don’t have the budget for top-dollar items?
If you’re seeking exquisitely-cut, calibrated gems that are priced
within reach, I may be able to help out: at the moment, I have quite
a selection of calibrated 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5mm rounds, squares and
square cushions in Iolite, Peridot, Rhodolite and Aquamarine on
hand, all at extremely low prices. I also have a few matched pairs
left, of step-cut pavailion Rhodolite rectangles with
“pineapple”(checkerboard-cut) crowns available for about $12/ct, if
you’re seeking inexpensive ‘flash’ for earrings. Last, but not
least, if you’d prefer to work with goods that are even less
expensive, I have access to substantial inventories of Amethyst,
Citrine, Peridot, Rhodolite and Iolite melee and calibrated goods,
many for less than $10/ct, which have all been cut from very nice
roughs, albeit by overseas craftsmen. Feel free to contact me,
off-list, if you’d like more info; (try the phone number first,
since I rarely check emails before 10pm). The only caveat I offer is
that, if you’re in a hurry to find these, you’ll need to contact me
fairly soon, since my wedding and honeymoon are just around the
corner. I’ll be out of the office from 7/24 until 8/15, so if you’d
like to touch base, please do so before then. (Hope this helps)

All my best,

Douglas Turet, GJ
Another Bright Idea! / Turet Design
P.O. Box 162
Arlington, MA 02476
Tel. (617) 325-5328
eFax (928) 222-0815

Dede, Orchid member Diane Sadel at is a
wonderful source for a variety of gemstones at very reasonable
prices. Diane’s service is wonderful and I’ve never had the
slightest quibble with quality.

I’ve also found reliable colored stones at very good prices in NYC
at Dikra Gem (56 W. 45th, 10th floor, 800-873-4572). One of the nice
things at Dikra is that David lets you basically “rummage” through
his drawers and trays finding just what you want… and he can also
custom order things that you need in bulk. Deals only with the trade
and has nice bulk discounts. He will ask how you found him, so feel
free to mention my name.

Best of luck!
Karen Goeller
Handcrafted and Unique Artisan Jewelry