Reality check: soldering accuracy(long)


I am not sure if even knowing you can produce enough to replace
your existing income is your only concern… because then you
have to sell enough. I am pretty sure I could make alot more
money than I am now designing and selling real simple strung bead
stuff, but where’s the fun in that.

As far as the solder question…

I usually start 20 prs. of what I call my bread and butter
earrings at a time. It is only a domed piece of reticulated
silver with one wire wrapped around it. I am usually successful
with all of them in one attempt, maybe one or two little gaps that
I have to touch up when I put the posts on. On more complicated
earrings involving three fitted wires on the silver shape maybe
25% need a second attempt to seal all the gaps and finish the

On the other hand when I work on a complicated neckpiece with
hinges and clasps I can do the same part over several times if it
is something I have never done before.

When I have several bad attempts in a row…I turn off the tank
and polish or cut for the rest of the day. Sometimes I go clean
house or take the dog for a walk. For me it is best to know
when I need a time out rather than try to force it when "it’s"
just not working.

Good Luck