Re stamping blanks

With all due respect to both Mr. Burgess and Mr. Marshall, at
various times I find both descriptions of the blanking die
somewhat confusing. must be a girl thing, eh what. followed Mr.
Marshalls suggestion and tuned in to the bonnydoon web page, and
it is terrific. well worth a visit! however, since Mr. Burgess
has been using this procedure successfully for a while, i do
think we can welcome it as a low tech approach. can call it what
you will, a blanking die or the same thing in irritation, but i
think there is a place for short run on this kind of thing. for
some designs I don’t necessarily want to do more than 25 or 30
before I modify it. as far as my confusions on the low tech,
i’ll try to clarify them and then i am sure Mr. Burgess will have
some advice. in passing, i’d like to note that i enjoy the
background furnished on the process by Mr. Marshall.

eve wallace