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Re. Retail/Wholesale

As I understand the original question, it involves who has the right to buy
from me as a vendor at a wholesale gift or merchandise show. I personally
feel that my objective at these affairs is to sell my products to anyone
who can order in an acceptable minimum amount and pay the bill. It seems to
me that if they are a buyer for a large department store, or a small club of
buyers is immaterial as long as they can provide the legally required
(state sales tax number in our case). We could, of course,
raise our minimums to guarantee that only “legitimate buyers” could afford
it, but this would price us out of the reach of smaller “legitimate buyers”.
We prefer to sell.

Best Barry

The problem with selling wholesale to the general public at wholesale
shows is that they always want retail service at wholesale prices. Things
like returns and other flaky requests always eat at any profit that might
have seemed possible. Also, when I attend a wholesale show I need all of
the available work time afterwards to fill the orders for legitimate
retailers. If I have to do all of these wholesale orders to retail buyers
it causes a conflict with productions time. Another problem is that when
one is writing these orders to non retail accounts a bonafide buyer may get
missed in the shuffle at the show.

Just my $.02 worth.

Kenneth Gastineau

I’m not sure whether “minimum” purchase is the answer either. I just
returned from a “wholesale show” in Troy (suburb of Detroit) MI, today.
They required a vendor’s license for admission, but limited the amount of
persons to be admitted on ONE license. I didn’t think that was too bad.
The prices were descent, although I think they may have been better at
Tucson (guessing, because I wasn’t at that one.)

There were a few vendor’s who required a minimum purchase, I avoided these
(what do I need 10 strands of pearls for, when I’m only making a few pair
of earrings and using pearls as embellishment?) I found those offering (at
the same price) as much as one really needs.

Since this was my FIRST (offically classified) truly Wholesale show, I
wasn’t sure whether the prices were “firm” or whether barganing was
accepted. I hope someone with experience can provide regarding
this issue.

Thanks . . .

< I wasn’t sure whether the prices were “firm” or whether barganing was
< accepted. >>

Always argue the price what harm can it do? Some vendors from certain
cultures expect the haggeling and get offended if you do not play the game
with them. I was on a stone shopping trip to India and the vendors there
would not sell at the first quoted price if you accepted it. They would
just ignore you and deal with another customer. After watching several
people get into screaming matches I was amazed to see them shake hands and
settle on a freindly deal. I am not suggesting to get into a shouting
tirade over prices (this is the states) but argue the prices!!!