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Re-polishing semi-precious stones


I have a beautiful piece of blue chalcedony, but it has gotten a few
surface scratches on it. Is there a way to re-polish it?


Is it mounted or loose? Depends on how deep the scratches are…if
they are very deep, you need to find someone with a cabbing machine
to grind it down and it would have to be taken out of any setting if
set. If they are only very light scratches, it may be possible to use
wet/dry sandpaper, first lower grits like 400, then 600 then 1200
depending on how much you need to take away… And afterwards, if you
can get some tin oxide or cerium oxide (stone/lapidary polishing
compound), you can wet down a medium hardness felt wheel for a
jewelry polisher and roll it in the polishing compound and use that
to repolish the stone on the machine.


Any lapidary can do it.