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Re. Midas Pen Plating System


Hi Judie,

We have one of the Rio Midas pen platers. We use it mainly to plate our
masters before we mold them. You get a better mold surface if you plate
with palladium (cheap) or rhodium (expensive) before you mold the object.
We clamp the clamp ended wire onto the sprue, and then submerge the pen
end into the plating solution and submerge the piece into the solution
about 1/2 way up the sprue. It takes about 10-30 seconds.

Any time we need to do a two tone piece, ie: rhodium plated onto a section
of yellow gold, we mask the area we don’t want plated with nail polish.
We then have a friend plate it using a regular plating rectifier and heated
rhodium solution to do a better job. The piece is submerged, and the
places masked by the polish do not plate.

In my experience the pen plater doesn’t do as good a job as the regular
bath type plater, although it may cost less initially. If I had a choice,
and the money, I would invest in the bigger bath type system. I have seen
some use a regular rectifier, and modify a paint brush to use a pen type
plater, you could get the pen set up from Rio , and have the best of both
worlds. I think the solutions for the pen plater are a bit more
expensive, and you have less choices. Cyanide is nasty, and that is the
way you have to buy some of the pen plating solutions. You can get most
bath plating solutions in an acid base.

Happy Plating!


I used to do electroplate when I lived in Ca. I can honestly say the extra
cost for a plating bath is definitely worth it , even if only for the
consistency level you will require from your finished pieces, this will
mean much less of a headache in the end. The only time I would advise
someone against a bath system, is when you don’t have an "open "
atmosphere to work in. If you work from your home or garage, anywhere there
are acids of any sort you place yourself in unnessesary danger. Even a pen
plater is dangerous around pickle, and believe it or not, vinegar can even
cause the cyanide to go airborne- no good. There are some cyanide free gold
and silver solutions on the market right now, but I have never used them,
so I have no idea as to their performance.

Tim Goodwin