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Rob Meixner has a very nice setup. I think that I need to re-think how my (much smaller) setup is configured.

Mine was a plastic jug hung above the wheel, 1/4”tubing inserted, with a plumbing turn off to adjust flow. Works great!

Yup, just be sure to drill the hole in the bottle cap somewhat smaller to make a tight seal around the tubing. Cut the end you are putting into the hole to a tapered point so it is easier to get into the slightly smaller hole, then pull it thru as needed.

Mine takes a different approach. I have a CabKing 6-wheel lapidary grinder for which the water supply to the 80-grit wheel is always too scant. (FYI, CabKings have a top-of-the-wheel fresh-water supply; soiled water is drained away.) I use an aquarium pump in a bucket on the floor with tubing up to the housing near the 80-grit wheel. Attach the tubing in any way that suits you. (Duct tape suits me.) Use a clamp to control water flow. Tubing is available at pet stores that carry fish, or at garden shops that supply ornamental ponds.


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