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Re-introduction - Chris Weston

Greetings from North Carolina!

My name is Chris Weston, and I used to subscribe to the digest, but
recently decided that the discussion group is much more lively and

I’ve been making jewelry for about a year now, in silver and copper, with
the occasional 14k gold. I was recently accepted into Haywood Community
College’s 2 year professional crafts program in jewelry, and will start in

I just set up a hydraulic press and have been enjoying making shapes with
matrix and conforming dies. I researched/purchased my own power unit with
gauge, so if anyone wants any info. on that, let me know.

I already have a question for the group: My shop space is in an
unventilated, windowless basement. (There is a door with a window in it,
however.) The walls are cinderblock. How do I go about ventilating the
space for soldering? Any would be much appreciated!