Re-introducing Skip Meister

Hi All,

I am re-joining the list after quite a long absence due to health
problems. When I was working, I earned my living for over thirty
years as a Dental Technician. I am disabled now due to diabetic
complications, but I can still sometimes make some jewelry. Cast
work is second nature to me from my profession, but I also fabricate
work. I have been doing jewelry on and off for about thirty years.
Most people don’t know it, but at the turn of the 19th century, the
jewelers were the dental techs. When the dental industry became
more and more specialized, the split between jewelers and dental
techs occurred.

I’m really looking forwards to getting my daily ‘fix’ of posts from
Orchid and being able to contribute if and when I can. My new email
address is @Edward_Meister.