Re-hardening wire

Can anyone suggest a good way to re-harden wire after soldering onto
a piece?? I see so many unique wire designs on pin attachments and
earrings that had to be annealed before forming and would certainly
anneal after soldering. It would seem, this wire would have to be
rehardened after assembling in order to keep its shape and some
spring, especially in the case of ear wires, etc. which are
constantly opened and closed. Any suggestions would be very
helpful. Thanks, Grace in Cleveland

I have found that burnishing the wire and tumbling the piece help to
harden the wire. I do this when I make my own pin findings out of
silver. --Vicki Embrey

Hello Grace, Very simple, put the end of the wire in a clamp or pin
holding device, and twist, rotate it. A broche pin of silver needs to
be rotated approximately 6-10 times. The wire will be strait and hard

Martin Niemeijer