Re: Guidelines for Postings


Thank you for your explanation of posting guidelines. I wish you great success in establishing the new
Orchid guidelines, and working for compliance of the guidelines so that there hopefully can be one Orchid
location dedicated specifically to sharing knowledge with members who request assistance. Many members
know the work of Hans Meevis and the detail he provides for how he solved a difficult challenge. I have
found his explanations of solving challenges to be very helpful. I welcome this type of posting as a problem
solving posting.

I am wondering if perhaps you could set up a new category of postings for exceptional and just completed
work that members want to share with their friends within the Orchid community, but not associated with a
request for assistance. And, maybe it would be possible for you to set limits for the number of postings
members can send to Orchid that are photos of their excellent work but are not associated with a request
for assistance, or details of solving a difficult problem. In recent weeks I have received many, many photos
of new and past work of one very talented Orchid member. There have been dozens of compliments and
comments on his work. Forgive me for being selfish, but I feel it would be a great time saver to have a
separate category for “good news” posting.

Thanks for reading and hopefully considering my concerns. Best wishes as you work to improve Orchid.

Mary A

…Forgive me for being selfish, but I feel it would be a great time saver to have a separate category for “good news” posting."…


It is in a separate category, it’s called [Jewelry Gallery].

This identifying category name is not only shown on the website, but also in the subject title of the email you receive, after the name of the thread and before the words [Ganoksin Orchid].

Therefore, if you know the email is from Orchid, then you also know the category to which the thread was posted and you can easily delete the email without having to read it.

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Good point, @Betty2. And that reminds me, @Atwater_Mary that it’s also possible to “mute” a category that you are not interested in. What you do is:

  1. go to the main page of the category

  2. in the upper right corner there’s a circle icon you click on

  3. a menu drops down and you can “Muted” at the very bottom of the dropdown menu

This means you won’t get any emails or notifications about this category.

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Hi Leah!

In this vein, perhaps the posts in the daily emails (at least the Updates section) could be listed by category–with Jewelry Discussion posts leading.

Janet in Jerusalem