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Re: [Ganoksin Orchid] Summary for April 9


Running steel in a TV-5 - It’s a small machine not rated for steel so - it isn’t turning the steel effectively, it is jiggling it - a small rotary tumbler would be far more effective, require less steel and work better. Effective media motion in vibratory tumblers is a torroid - essentially donut shaped, rolling toward the center.

Judy Hoch


Hi @judyh and crew. Unfortunately, when folks reply to the Orchid Summary email instead of replying to the specific thread in question, I often cannot ascertain which thread the answer belongs in. I have been forced lately to delete some of these replies simply because they are orphaned and I can’t reliably identify where they belong.

Also, when you respond to the Orchid Summary, the individual you responded (or attempted to respond) to does not see it, since you have created a new topic. Please place this response in the thread you wished to respond to.

@leah-ganoksin-admin is there anyway to make that Orchid Summary email so it can’t be responded to?