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No sé como hacer para abandonar la suscrpción .Les he mandado un mensaje de socorro para que me den de baja. No tengo dinero para seguir aqui . POR FAVOR interrumpan nuestra conexión.

You will probably get better result in English.
Regards Per-Ove

He said:
I don’t know how to unsubscribe. I’ve sent them a distress message so they can unsubscribe. I have no money to stay here. PLEASE break our connection.

Ignacio Usted tiene que usar esta enlace y luego escoger uno de los administradores para decir lo siguiente. “please unsubscribe me.” En español, por favor de terminar mi cuenta aquí.

Espero que esto le ayudara

Ellen Lyons

Not a useful comment, and you know it. Do you feel better now, thinking you made someone ashamed? Picking on people with words they won’t understand? “Use English, you lesser human!” I hope you sleep better after doing this.

Excuse me???
I just suggested, that he/she would get a better result if he/she posted in english.
I assumed the main language in this forum is english, or am I mistaken?

I did not imply that the poster should feel ashamed, nor did I mean to.

He/She asked for help in a language I identified as Spanish, I do speak a few languages, but not Spanish.
Hence the reason for my comment.

English is not my language either.

Eller skal jeg alltid be om hjelp på Norsk.
Tror du jeg får mye svar da?

I’d prefer you drop this kind of comments in the future.
Regards Per-Ove

They have not wanted to translate your words for me because it seems that you are trying to hurt with them.
I forgive you and offer you the other cheek.

Thank you MD Biscay.
My mother tongue is Euskera, which is spoken in Europe in very old regions of France and Spain called the Basque Country.
Surely you know this, but I want to tell you that your last name Biscay is also the name of one of these regions bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and it is where I live.

Now I’m even more confused.
No disrespect has been served, no intent of disrespect has been given.
So why do you say I tried to hurt?

When you post in Spanish, I in my mother tongue, Norwegian.

Google do most of the time reasonable translations.
Do not assume things.

I just said, that if you wanted answers you were more likely to get them if you asked in English.
Maybe I should just have left it alone and not reached out???

There are and will never be any open or hidden insults from me on any forum.

Regards Per-Ove Arntsen

You even have my name…

Edit to add.
They, (I do not know who you mean) are not responsible to do any translations for you.
YOU are responsible for the translations you need.

This isn’t facebook. Or is it? A long time ago … in a galexy distant … this used to be a loosely organzied collection of professionals and some assorted odd balls who had some connection to the industry. Nothing wrong with those just seeking help … lots of folks here are eager to help. I know most folks pay to be here. It doesn’t mean its facebook. I guess. Please do try to be respectful (now I get slammed facebook style for suggesting someone isn’t respectful). It’s not facebook. Get this … I know you pay for it … but the BIG names in the industry still lurk here. Take a look at your library … if a name is on a book … they are reading this. That is not an exaggeration. Be respectful.

Pa Dansk…Den er fuld af lort. Also English is not universal. We must understand it. Whether we are Norge or Dansk.

Agnes Hansen Weessies

Doesn’t your email-sever have a translation program attached to your email?
I’m asking a friend right now, he says Google has it. But he the English words are not accurate.
Maybe, and again maybe you should “highlight” the whole email and search “translate this”!
In my setting-blog, there are many countries where my essays go to and English is not spoken.
I’m going to experiment and get some answers for you.

“Gerry, on my Meshugah iPhone”

I just tried Google translate and it seems to work fairly well.