Re: From Gerry Lewy

My writing on Ganoksin is to educate as many skilled jewellers in what a
Diamond Setter really does. Many times you will see a great looking ring,
but not just fully appreciate the gift of craftsmanship that it took to
develope that craft.
Apart from not fully understanding the “How to”. I feel that it is so
incumbent upon me to fill that gap in my writing of essays. What the many
588 people who asked for my ‘setting essays’ (world-wide) now have is
mere ‘icing on the proverbial cake". Some of my friends cannot still
understand that I don’t charge a fee for my writing.

I have one ‘extra detailed’ essay still in the rough-stages, it was taught
to me about 45 years ago. It will take me at least two or even three weeks
in the writing & photographic stages. But this essay MUST be written and
’saved into the archives’ of this gem-setting library that I’m currently
What our own @JimGrahlDesign Jim Grahl is creating, is just exquisite! I do only the “How
To” (I don’t know who has the most difficult task).

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto, *Canada.

i would like to receive diamond setting from Gemsn.comrry lewy please jamescorey@

Hi James Corey
I just received your e-letter, but your actual email address is difficult to understand. Kindly send me your EXACT address to…!
Once I have your contact I will add yours to my growing list. I am working on a plan to install a “DropBox” system.
Reply to …=> “gerrylewy18@gmail. com”
Thanks and regards
I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!

sorry about that Thanks in advance