Re Cathartic Art

Art is supposed to be a method of communication. If I find a
piece of art find ridiculous, … Is it the artist’s fault for
poor communication, or my fault for not knowing the language?

i’m thoroughly intrigued by the discussion on catharsis, as it
pertains to all artistic paths. A Heartfelt Thank You to all
Orchid people for such a wonderful forum! in Kitchener, Ontario,
there is currently some vociferous commentary on public art.
specifically, on a piece of public art made of fiberglass,
painted orange, in front of the courthouse. ITs name is
"Aporia"–Greek for “doubt”. no one knows what it is, or what
it’s for, why 25 grand was spent on it etc. what it resembles,
is a giant orange turd–literally! to my mind, perhaps that
piece of art has served its purpose? but also serves as an
example of “art” that defies explanation. why would anyone buy
it? why do some people with mohawks sell the hairless sides of
their heads to advertisers? so much for eclecticism? :slight_smile: erhard.

Years ago when I lived in San Francisco, the Mayor was shot down
by a derranged city councilman. The city had commissioned a
statue of Mayor Moscone to be erected at the newly constructed
Moscone Center. At the official unveiling, what everyone
expected was a perfect likeness of the Mayor, strong, confident
and to many, respectful of his office. What the artist fashioned
was the Mayor’s face in constricted anguish, resembeling what he
must have looked like when he was just shot and in great pain.
The artist argued that the look of terror in the Mayor’s face is
what everyone should be reminded of when anyone uses a gun. That
simply violence is horrible.

That statue was removed and a new one was put up shortly after.
Was the artist wrong? Was the intent to the artist misconstrued?
Was the artist simply a vehicle for the city officials wishes.

In Boston we have a much talked about statue called “The Potato
Famine”. It shows a family with outstretched hands, starving and
in dire need of food. Across from this grouping, is another
grouping of a well fed family playing happily. The artist
intended to honor the Irish immigrants who came to Boston fleeing
the potato famine and who eventually thrived. In my opinion, it
is a disturbing grouping, not because of the content, but because
the work wasn’t really executed that well.