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Re: A Swiss cut hand file set? [Jewelry Discussion] [Ganoksin Orchid Jewelry Forum Community for Jewelers and Metalsmiths]

Hi Julie
I gotta ask you one simple question!
What grade of files is “Grabby”:sweat_smile:

“Gerry, on my iPhone”

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Hi Gerry,

the cut #0…! is coarser teeth, and can be more grabby than cut#2

i said cut#2 is less grabby​:rofl::joy:
finer teeth kinda glide over edges and protrusions better

like using a saw blade with less than the suggested number of teeth can be grabby too.


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Julie, I usually use a #4 cut, as it gives me a smoother, filing-finish. Try it once in a while, you might get used to it. Yes, #2 is really too “grabby”. I usually shy away from it. The #2 cut leaves too many striations in the metal.
Your friend, (I think) Gerry.:ring::gem::grinning::innocent:


Hi Gerry!

i shall het a few cut #4 hand files!

i only have cut #4,6,8 in needle and escapement files…