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Re[2]: silver porosity


Hi Marc & Brian–

Here is the assay of the Sterling we use at Medic Alert.

Ag=92.57%, Cu=7.402%, Ni=.002%, Cd=.002%, Zn=.002%, Sn=.003%, P=.012%,
Pb=.001%, Fe=.004%, Si=.002%

Jim Simmons, Production Engineer
Medic Alert

______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________Subject: RE: silver porosity
Author: “Thomas Williams” at Internet
Date: 9/27/96 03:28

I really don’t know off hand. I will have to dig up the literature on it
see… I will let you know if I can find it… the Metal is really great to work
with though… Try it out and you will agree…

From: on behalf of Brian Adam
Sent: Friday, September 27, 1996 4:22 AM
Subject: RE: silver porosity

In message you happened to mention:

I don’t know what it is they put in the metal to make it a deox. But I
know that the metal itself after it is casted or whatever is absolutly NOT
brittle at all… Also if you are suggesting that the metal may not truely be

sterling, well here in the UNITED STATES we have laws against
misrepresentaiton of this sort of thing…

Hi Marc.
No I wasn’t insinuating that the metal isn’t sterling - It only has to have
the requires % of silver to comply, Right? It’s just that the REMAINDER is
not often disclosed. I’d like to know what is in this sterling, in the 7.5%

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