Re[2]: Off topic but important

MicroSoft has released an upgrade for W96 Backup. It’s available on
their W95 Web Page.

Jim Simmons, Production Engineer
Medic Alert, USA

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Author: Jim Chambers at Internet
Date: 10/28/96 13:30


Unfortunately,… Been there done that!!! … Norton doesn’t catch it!! …
Have run and it ‘Work for ME!’ … had one file ‘cleared’ caused
one hell-of-a-lot-of problems too. Still trying to get rid of some… Almost
decided to ‘REFORMAT’ . . . But when I started Backing up (using #@%^&#!*
Windows '95… they should rename the product as suggested here!) I realized
that the '95 backup is to simple to handle ANY problems of ‘value’…(eg when
ask if you want to erase a floppy, you respond, YES, 16 floppies latter it
dies, etc. ) . . Best download NOW!!! … Having problems with MS relaseing
my modem, etc.


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Sorry to post this off topic message.