Re[2]: Natural Gas or Propane or water?

A “water torch” uses electricity to break down water (H2O) into
Hydrogen and Oxygen, then combines the two elements into a burnable
mixture producing a flame of 6000 deg. F. That’s too hot for our
uses, so the gas mixture is bubbled through a Methanol/acetone bath
(booster), and reduces the flame temperature to a more useable 4500
deg. F. This produces a VERY clean flame. If you are so inclined,
you can add a flux mixture to the booster that also lowers the
temperature some while automatically fluxing your work.

Benefits: No noxious fumes, easier solder work (clean flame), no
large volumes of flammable gases to make the Fire Marshal nervous, the
flame is very small, so the job doesn’t get too hot away from where
you are working (we have stopped using heat sinks).

We were using propane/oxygen, and with three torches going, we save
about $18 per month with the water torches.

I understand that in some communities, you can not have bottled gases
in a Mall, so this solves that problem nicely.

Price: Our particular model of Arizona HydroGen torches list for
about $1200 each. But I understand that other models are available
for much less.

CJ-- If your torch has not ever been used, you would probably have to
buy some electrolyte from one of the torch manufacturers.

Jim Simmons, Production Engineer
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Author: cj at Internet
Date: 10/12/96 10:46

Hi Jim and everyone,
Question ? What can you tell me about “water” Tourches ? I have a
Portoscap Hydro tourch… Bought it seven or eight years ago From a
friend,I never used it ( nor did he )., Not sure ofwether I should use
it or sell it…Any advise?
Thanks cj

Jim Simmons wrote:Hi everyone-- Just thought I’d play the devil here :slight_smile: Has
considered that according to OSHA, bottled fuel gases and oxidizers must
be separated by 25 feet in permanent installations, even for storage with
the caps on. That is why we use water torches here for gold and silver

 Jim Simmons, Production Engineer 
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