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Raytech Tumblers

I’m hoping to get feedback from anyone who uses a Raytech vibratory tumbler. We’re thinking about carrying them here at work but I’d like to know if they’re worth it. Do they do a good job? What do you use yours for? How long have you had yours?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have run an AV 25 Adjust-a-vibe for 25 years. It was still running strong as of last week. Blue ceramic cones, green plastic media and treated saw dust. I still need to do some hand work on some larger pieces, but it is a good way to polish small pieces when you have a lot of them. Read Judy Hock’s book on mass finishing…Rob

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Thank you for the reply, Rob. Wow, 25 years! That’s a long time. I’ve heard that they rust pretty badly, have you by any chance experienced that at all?

The base is rusted a bit, but I keep in my garage…Rob

Thanks so much for your input.

I got 20 years out of a mid sized Vigor tumbler. It would run 24/7 for 3 or 4 days at a time. Right now I am trying a Horrible Freight tumbler and so far I am pleased. Its one draw back is it is noisy. Largely because of the much thinner drum.

Don M.
---- Erica Stice wrote:

I use the Raytech AV 25 Adjustavibe with plastic media which would be nice to leave in the tumbler, but the spindle (a threaded rod) and washer will rust within 3 days unless the media is removed after using it. The rust happened the first time the new tumber was used. A humid environment probably didn’t help. Even though water flows through, the tumbler holds too much media for it to thoroughly drip dry. Rust might not be a problem with more frequent use.

This tumbler is about 5 years old. Other than the rust, it is trouble-free and does a great job. It seems well balanced, robust and fairly quiet. Maybe there is a good reason for the spindle to not be made of stainless steel.

You could replace the rod with a more rust resistant material. I just don’t worry too much about it unless it looks like rust particles might get into the media…Rob

Betty2 - do you drain the liquid from your tumbler? I’ve used this exact tumbler for more than 20 years, no rust. Never dump the media, but always drain it.

Judy H

Yes, but it doesn’t dry out. Judy, is yours stainless?

I have a 15 or 20 year old TV-25. I use it for abrasive media. What’s loaded right now is Rio’s blue clean cut media. I use a makeshift flow thru which I describe in my little book on tumbling. I have never had rust on any of it.

Judy, is the threaded rod on your tumbler magnetic?

Judy, I have your book and often study it. Nothing else even remotely comes close to your excellent information.

I’ve given much thought to this rust problem since day one. If your tumbler has a stainless steel threaded rod, that would easily explain why you have never experienced rust. If this is the case, then I might reconsider replacing my spindle with stainless steel.

In the beginning, the manufacturer discouraged me from replacing the threaded rod with stainless steel. Instead they suggested removing the rust and maintaining the spindle with a silicone cloth.

This maintenance happens each time I finish using the tumbler, I remove the bowl, thoroughly dry the spindle, then wipe the threads on the rod with the silicone cloth and a make-up brush that has silicone bristles just to be sure I’ve completely covered the threads. I don’t put the bowl back on the spindle unless it is empty and completely dry inside.

If your spindle is not made of stainless steel, and if you are located in an arid climate, then climate must be the reason mine rusts because I’m in a humid climate.

Another possible reason for the rust could be a poorly redesigned bowl since you bought yours. I’ve often thought that my bowl’s curvature combined with the location of the drainage hole and the lumpy way the drainage hole is structured inside the bowl, might be preventing complete drainage. It’s difficult to judge, but when I scoop out the media after draining, there will be a little liquid left in the bottom of the bowl.

Thanks for all of the replies. The rust issue keeps coming up and possibly it’s the design of the bowl as you have said. But I really like how long they last and how quiet I keep hearing they are.

Please provide isbn for Judy’s book. I can’t find it.

Go to Rio and search on her name. Her book should come up as an item that you can purchase. It is a very good reference book…Rob

Hi Betty,
It should be pretty simple to replace the threaded rod with a stainless one, but IDK if it is necessary. Mohs hardness of iron and steel is 4-4.5 and that of rust should be less. So I wonder if even big pieces would scratch anything in your tumbler and it should break down quickly…iron oxide powder is actually jeweler’s rouge, so I think if anything it would enhance any polishing process. I would just brush off what I could and not worry about some particles falling into the tumbler. HTH, royjohn

If you google Judy Hoch, you can go to her website and order the book direct, for $15 plus $3.50 shipping. You can check if it is cheaper at Amazon or elsewhere…if you are ordering several books, possibly combined shipping somewhere else would beat Judy’s price…I would guess that she gets a bigger cut if you order directly from her…I have one and I agree it is just great for mass finishing…royjohn