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Raytech Tumbler

25 years ago, when I was heavy into craftshows, I bought an AV25 and all the media needed to tumble smaller pieces like earrings and little rings from Rio Grande. It worked well and I have never changed the variable weight setting. I have resurrected the tumbler for a project and decided to change the intensity of vibration. To do this, you loosen a small thumbscrew and reorient the two weights on the end of the motor shaft. What I forgot was that the thumbscrew was reverse threaded and managed to twist it right off. While I felt stupid, I forgave myself since the last time I did this was 25 years ago. By this time I had decided to buy a smaller vibratory tumbler as I didn’t need the wear and tear on the amount of media the AV25 needed to run, so I ordered a TV10 (also a Raytech product) and a spare bowl from Kingsley North. When it arrived after a long storm related delay, I realized that it was the old design with no on/off switch or flow through connection and the bowl was was very badly finished. While I talked to Kingsley North about this, they were not much help in resolving my issues. I called Raytech and talked to their customer service people. They were quick to send me a replacement thrumbscrew at no charge. They were especially interested in my problems with the TV10 and asked that I send them pictures. Two days later a new TV10 and spare bowl arrived via UPS. Obviously I am very pleased with their response to my problems. Any of my future tumbling related purchases will be made directly with Raytech…Rob

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