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Rayner Gemmological Instruments

Hi All,

Hope you can help me… Any idea where I could buy RAYNER Gemmological
Instruments in the US?

Am loking for: Rayner Dialdex Refractometer, Rayner Polariscopes and
filters, Dichroscope,…

Thanks in advance for any clue,

Michael Appler
Rio de janeiro - Brazil


I do not know of any US source for the Rayner instruments. None of
the jewelry supply houses (Rio Grande, Swest, etc.) carry them, and I
have not seen them on my trips to New York City. I looked in the
Thomas Register of wholesale companies for refractometers and didn’t
see a dealer for them there, either. I did correspond with someone
in Australia recently about the Rayner refractometer, which he has,
and found that they are still in production. I would try the
Gemological Association of Great Britain, I think you can still order
from them and I would guess they would ship overseas.

As far as filters and dichroscopes and polariscopes — I would make
my own polariscope out of camera polarizing filters and a night light
or other small light. I would make a dichroscope from a clear
calcite rhomb, a small lens, a 35 mm film cassette, a small lens and
a window cut in black paper or similar. A good filter set is
available from Hanneman in Poulsbo, Washington, as are the other
instruments (polariscope, dichroscope, refractometer). His prices
are good and he has some kits and very good publications on gemology.
I do not have a current address, but it is available in the Lapidary

I believe the Rayner refractometer is a superior design which reads
to the third decimal better than the GIA model. If I hadn’t already
bought a Duplex II, I would be looking for a Rayner. I hope this
info is helpful.


hi michael! just read you message about rayner i’m sure Rubin and Son
at 47th street New York can help you! Otherwise try this: gemmological
association of great Britain , London .I’m sure they can help you .Let
me know if you were succesful! greeings ,wilma

Happy New Millenium Everyone! Try for Rayner

You can purchase Rayner instruments from

R S Rubin & Son
5355 Armada Dr, Suite 300
Carlsbad, Ca. 92008
877-877-8246 toll free

The GIA now sells from the Rubin & Son Catalog but I don’t know if
they sell the Rayner as it is competitive withe the Gem Instruments
products. If you are coming to the US for a visit, and get to the San
Diego area, it would be worth your while to stop by both the GIA and
Rubin & Son.

By the way, I have no interest in Rubin & Son, I’m just passing along

Don Rogers