Rasing karat weight

need to know raising 1OZ of 10kt to 1 OZ of 18kt.

Thanks Jimmy Rolex

need to know raising 1OZ of 10kt to 1 OZ of 18kt. 

For 1oz of 10k you should add 1.35oz of 24k to raise the 1 oz of 10k
to 2.35oz of 18k (actually 75.1%)

I have created a simple spreadsheet that works this out for you on
the fly - let me know if it would be of use and I will post a link.

If you want to work it out on paper

1g of 10k = 0.42g gold and 0.58g alloy

The only thing you want to change is the gold content so the alloy
weight stays the same.

18k is 75% gold so if the alloy is 25% at 0.58g, the gold content
must be three times this (3 x 0.58g = 1.75g)

The new mix will be 1.75g gold and 0.58g alloy - total weight =2.33g

You already had 0.42g of gold in the original 10k mix so 1.75g -
0.42g = 1.33g

Then it would be wise to add a smidge more gold to ensure that the
resulting alloy passes the required 75% margin.

Kind regards
Chris Parry


To raise 10kt to 18kt. simply multiply the amount of 10kt gold that
you have by 1.333 to find the amount of pure gold you need to add.

In your example you will multiply 20dwt ( or 31.1 grams if you
prefer ) x 1.333 which equals 26.66 dwt of pure gold ( or 41.1563
grams )

Greg DeMark


Since you must add fine gold to the lower karat gold in order to
raise the karat, there is no way that 1 oz. of 10 k can be raised to
only 1 oz. of 18k. The formula is : (18-10) x 31.1 divided by (24 -
18) = 41.46g 24k. That is, you take the desired karat (18) and
subtract the beginning karat (10) and multiply the difference(6)
times the beginning weight 31.1grams (one troy ounce) and divide the
product (248.8) by the difference between the karat of pure gold (24)
and the final desired karat (18.) The result is 41.46 which is the
weight of 24k metal you must add to raise the karat of the 10k to 24.
The final weight would be 72.56grams or 2.333 troy ounces of 18k

Jerry in Kodiak

Hi there,

When you finish, you will not have 1 oz. total- you’ll have alittle
more…Take your 10kt.

10kt. X 1.333= The amount of 24kt to add to the mix in order to melt
and achieve the desired 18kt. Example: 20 dwts. of 10kt. PLUS 26.66
24kt.= 18kt. In this case: 20(10kt.) + 26.66(24kt.)= 46.66 dwts
(18kt). So, you see this would be more than 1 oz. when
finished…Remember 20 dwts.= 1 oz. Here’s how you can re-check these
figures for acuracy-- Doublecheck: 20 dwt x.416 (10/24 =.416) =8.32
fine gold.(actual gold held in 10k) 46.66 x.75 (18/24 =.75) = 34.99
fine gold 8.32 dwt.fine from 10kt + 26.66 added =34.98 fine

So, now that you are clear- you will end up with alot more 18kt. If
you only need an ounce of 18kt., then start with less 10kt, add the
appropriate amount of 24kt.(fine gold) and you can end up with the
desired amount of 18kt. Just remember to multiply the amount of
10kt. X the factor of 1.333 in order to find the amount of 24kt.

Good Luck, Jo-Ann & John Donivan


Precise instructions for raising or lowering karat gold can be found
at http://preciousmetalswest.com/dangling_a_karat.htm Just be sure to
double check your results!

Daniel Ballard

   need to know raising 1OZ of 10kt to 1 OZ of 18kt. 

Multiply weight of 10k x 1.333 of 24k and mix to get 18k