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Rapid Prototyping 3D Printer suggestions

Im ready to buy a rapid prototyping 3d printer.

I need to print models to cast directly in silver and gold with
diamonds and signity stones. I need to print high resolution models
to make rubbers for high production in silver and gold. I want to
print my logo inside the rings because I dont want to spend in a
laser for marking.

If I need to make a 30 pieces batch to cast directly with signity
stones or diamonds? or If I need to make a super hi res model with
100 stones to make a rubber for 100 pieces batches?

Should I buy a Perfactory or T66 bt2 or DigitalWax 010?

I have read a lot about T66 and Perfactory, but seems that nobody
want to say which one is the best. If the perfactory can print 40
rings in 9 hours and I can burn easy the resin… is the winner??
If the T66 can print 10 models in 24 hours with higher resolution and
can be burnout better… is the winner? T66 wax with diamonds vs
Perfactory resin with diamonds? can the both be cast with the same

About true resolution…If I want to make 1 perfect model with 100
stones to make a rubber mould.Which one have better quality? If I
print a perfect sphere which one will print the model with less

The Digital wax maybe is not a good option because theres not so
much about it… that simple!

MJSA made a comparation between both equipments, but they do a
Platinum casting without stones. What about complicated desings
casted directly in 18K, 14K or 10K with stones or diamonds using
normal investiment powder?

Direct questions for direct answers.

Alberto Covarrubias
Fusion Metall SA de CV

We need to buy a RP system which one is better??

Solidscape T66 or Perfactory mini multi lens

Both cost the same in my country

The T66 have more resolution, but Perfactory is Faster

15um (.0005") vs 32um (.0012") for real production?

Seems that the wax and resin form both machines can be burned

Sometimes i will need to make 30 pieces batches to cast directly, and
sometimes i will have to make a hi resolution model to vulcanize and
make 300 pcs.

Alberto Covarrubias