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Random Order of Posts in Threads in Orchid Daily Summary


Posts on the Orchid Summary should be arranged chronologically so we can follow the flow of the conversation (oldest first because we have to scroll down anyway to get to the next thread). I’m always confused about whether to read down or read up. Today mine seems to be in totally random order!

Thus, I am regularly forced to go to the web site. Which brings up another issue:

Usually when I click on the “View this Topic” link in the email Daily Summary, I get to the page not logged in. Since you have to log in to comment, I log in and get to a page which does not give me a way to get back to the original desired thread page. If I use the Back arrow to get back to it, I get to the page once again not logged in. Then I have to use the forward arrow a couple of times to get back to a page where I am logged in, then go to Home page and locate the particular thread amongst all the threads. Needless to say, more and more often I give up somewhere along the way…:-(… Sometimes (not often), the “View this Topic” link from the email takes me to the desired thread and I am already logged in…:-)…

Janet in Jerusalem


Hi @janetb . We’re going to have someone look into the code that orders the email posts. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix. Thanks for reporting this!

Regarding your second point – do you intentionally log out every time? Or does Discourse just randomly log you out sometimes? Can you tell me what browser you use? Thx!

  1. I never log out anywhere. And I always log in automatically everywhere (except e.g., my bank). No one uses my computer but me.

  2. Have no idea whatsoever what Discourse does.

  3. Using latest version of Chrome on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Janet in Jerusalem


Hmm, it’s interesting. I’m always logged into Orchid every time I come to the site. I never get logged out unless I hit the logout button. I even just tried restarting my browser and came back and I’m still logged in. (I use Chrome on Mac.)

Do you completely restart your browser sometimes? There’s a setting in Chrome that tells it whether or not to clear out things like cookies when you restart your browser. (Discourse recognizes whether you are logged in based on the existence of a cookie.)

If we can solve the problem of you getting logged out, it sounds like it would help.


I do not have my Chrome set to clear cookies on exit. I do clean my browser cache occasionally, at which time it is set to get rid of cookies. I have now added Ganoksin to “allowed” cookies, so I’ll see if that keeps Chrome from deleting it when cleaning.

Even if someone has their cookies cleared (whether from exiting or from cleaning), they nevertheless should be able to get back to the page they started out on when they then went to log in. Most sites do this. Either they return to the page automatically, or they have a link to return to it. I have rarely seen a site that does not do this. For Orchid, it is an unusually lengthy process to get back to the thread page.

Janet in Jerusalem


Let me know what ends up happening with the new cookie settings. As you said, the goal is to not have ganoksin cookies be deleted.


(Just to add – The problems going back and forth between pages sounds like it involves browser caching but it will go away if we solve the issue of you being logged out when you shouldn’t be.)


Hi @janetb we were finally able to get the message order in the emails fixed! Sorry it took so long!


Hi Leah
That is great news. I look forward to reading my digest in chronological order tonight!