Raising Stakes Supplier?

Hello all-

I was wondering if anyone knew of a supplier that stocks raising
stakes. I have found several that will order them, but there is a
very long delay in my experience for even some general stakes. A
friend is still waiting for one after 14 months from his supplier. I
was hoping that there would be a company that stocks at least the
basic form such as mushrooms, T-Stakes, etc…

Thanks !

You could try Centaur Forge I think its in either Wisconson or San
Francisco I will find my catalouge and let you know for sure
tommorrow…they are also good for hammers .

i’ve bought a few from Tevel at Alcraft in new york. 800-645-7124
most of his better ones come from germany, which would be delayed if
he’s out. give him a try is this isn’t the source you’re talking
about with the delay.

The best deal on stakes I know is:

Casting Specialties, W 51 N 545 Struck Lane, Cedarburg, WIS 53012,
(414-377-4361): Cast semi steel hammer set; unfinished (94.00), also
set of T stakes, 8 for $130 and vertical set at $102. Can be hard to
get hold of but I have a set and so do others. The price is right even
if the service may be a little loose.

You have to finish them yourself, a sweaty day and a half with an
angle grinder. My suggestion is to trade with a high school shop, you
give them a one day workshop on jewelry, they finish your stakes for


Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada

I found these to be well cast and believe that a belt sander with a
slack ( no back plate support) belt works best at finishing and rough
polishing. It keeps the cast shape fair better than a disk does . I
have a 1x30" and 1x42" belt sander and they both do a great job on
keeping a fair curve, just keep the part moving. Jesse