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Rainbow Moonstone


I love this gemstone because it gives a lot of beauty for the dollar.



Beautiful work!

And I agree! so luminous! my favorite stones!



Thank you Jule! I’m getting a little better at my pics I think,


I too love rainbow moonstones, your pieces are lovely. :slight_smile:


Beautiful work,
Great photography too.


I don’t usually use faceted stones but I liked this one.


More Moonstone fun


Your photos are lovely; I like the bits of nature? Are rainbow moonstones treated in any way? Thanks.


I don’t believe they are treated,at least not the ones I get.


Rainbow Moonstone has naturally occurring ‘shiller’. It is a Feldspar, the same family as Labradorite, Amazonite and natural sunstone. Natural sunstone does have some synthetic versions out there to be wary of.