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RaceCar Jewelry Co. Moved and more capacity

Hi Everybody on Orchid/Ganoksin / Custmers and Friends RaceCar
Jewelry has finally moved into our new 10,000++ square foot building
in Pawtucket, RI.

We are in the process of updating all our capabilities, Better CAD
CAM / Rapid Prototype capabilities, more new metals on top of the all
the different silver, gold, brass, bronze, white bronze metals and
Pink Silver ( very Popular) We have added a metal called "Alpha"
metal. It is a form of non magnetic Stainless steel that was
developed for the class ring industry many years ago. It is tough to
polish, but once it has been polished, it requires no maintenace is
really wonderful looking.

Cost is a bit more than our bronze, but way less than working with

This year, we are are adding in a Sterling Electroforming process
that I developed many years ago which was used extensively to produce
Sterling silver baby rattles and medium sized jewelry for some well
known retailers. This system will be for production only… we won’t
be doing 1 off pieces.

When the system is up and running, We will post on Orchid and

We have 3 or four small studios available for rent to jewelry
designers who may want to be near/ inside our factory that can handle
all their production needs. This will allow them to work with top
notch CAD people , model makers and production engineers giving you
more control over the final look of your product and faster response

We are currently closed for our move and for the 4th of July
Vacation Week. We will re-open on the 10 th of July.

Have a wonder ful 4th of July,
Daniel Grandi
RaceCar Jewelry Co. Inc.
19 Mendon Ave,
Pawtucket, RI 02861
Tel: 401-461-7803

RaceCar Jewelry has finally moved into our new 10,000++ square foot
building in Pawtucket, RI. 

Congratulations on the new shop Daniel! Have a happy 4th!

Lisa (Now why exactly did I go to a pilates class AFTER I spent the
morning building rock walls??) Topanga, CA USA

Sounds great, I can’t wait to see the new facility and try out the
new Alpha metal! See you soon!