R. Strange - Jewelry Gallery

Some of the things I’ve made in the past year or so. Self taught. First joined in 2009 but this is my first post in about seven years! Lot of useful info here. Starting to pick up the pace as I get more comfortable with the tools and have more time to spend now. It’s a great source of fun and stress relief! All work is in Sterling Silver unless otherwise specified. Instagram: @bobarto Etsy: RStrangeMetalsmith

Intaglio Astronaut in Ametrine (17x12 mm)

Rhodolite and Spessartite Garnet


Intaglio in Grossular Garnet (11mm)

Ruby and Chrome Diopside

Jasper, Citrine and Prehnite, 14k Accent

Citron (Lemon Chrysoprase) + Repousse

Hobo Nickel

I love intaglio
Ive never seen it in this scale
amazing work
I am self taught as well but a long way from this caliber work
absolutely beautiful

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