[Quiz] 2006 SNAG Conference

Just for fun – here is a quiz for those who attended the 2006 SNAG
Conference in Chicago.

First is matching – match up the speaker with a comment they made or
an idea they presented.

Following are multiple choice and true false.

Answers to be posted in a day or so, I suppose, to give you time to
work out your answers.


//- SNAG 2006 Quiz -//


Match up the speaker with something that they said.

Speakers (in order of appearance)

Ted Noten
Ramon Puig Cuyes
Martha Ehrlich
Jean Mandeberg
Frank Wilson
Karl Fritsch
Sharon Church
Kurt Matzdorf
Kate Bonansinga
Terry Sisco
Brue Pepich
Tina Rath
Hoss Haley


Turned on by their material
Dog ate it
Uses “craftsperson” and “artist” interchangeably
chewing gum
Cows and wheat
hand and brain evolved together
I am a weak and worthless person
Remakes jewelry purchased as scrap
Wearing all their wealth
5000 rhinestones
largest bi-national metro area in the world

Multiple Choice

  1. The correct way to refer to the Chicago metro area is:

    A. Chicago
    B. Chicagoland
    C. Chicagoland Area

  2. The “most beautiful room in Chicago” is:

A. The rescued and rebuilt trading floor at the Art Institute of
B. The so called “Tiffany Room” at the Chicago Cultural Center
C. The lobby of the Field Museum

  1. The conference hotel is located in the shopping area known as:

    A. The Mile Hile Mile
    B. The Magnificent Mile
    C. Mile after Mile of Smiles

True or False

This conference had the most people registered before the
conference in the history of SNAG conferences?
True or False.

This conference had the highest attendance ever.
True or False.

This conference had the highest student attendance ever.
True or False

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay