Quickie book review


I recently bought Charles Lewton-Brain’s book Hinges and Hinge-Based
Catches for Jewelers and Metalsmiths, through the link Orchid
provides to Brain Press. I want to take this opportunity to thank
the author, and to tell anyone who is interested how much I love
this book. OK, I admit it. I’m an art nerd. But at least I have you
folks to talk to–very few people I know would understand getting so
excited about a book with this title. But I’m reading it as avidly
as I would a steamy novel.

First of all, it is exactly what I need for an ambitious design I’ve
been struggling with for quite a while. Beyond that, though, it is
comprehensive and clearly written, with the most in the
fewest possible words–but not too few. It really de-mystifies the
whole hinge thing. I can’t wait to try some of the ideas. I
recommend it to anyone who does construction at all, and doesn’t
already own it. Plus, Brain Press gives Orchid members a discount!

Thanks for giving me a chance to enthuse!


[Edited: Hanuman]

Extracts from the book available at

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