Quick Release Hand Piece

A couple of months ago I submitted a post asking what people thought
the best quick release hand piece was. Several recommended the
Foredom #20. I ordered one from Rio Grande I have been using it for
about two weeks now and I am very happy with it. Thanks to all who
recommended it.

Another interesting point is that when I first called Rio, they did
not carry that particular hand piece but said they would look into
it and provide me with a price quote. I was a bit disappointed as
they never called me back, but several weeks later when I called
them to place an order, I asked about the hand piece again and they
had just begun selling them. Not sure if my request had anything to
do with it, but knowing the high level of customer service I usually
get from Rio, it is possible that they brought the handpiece in
because of my request. Not sure why they never called me back, but
the end result was great anyways. They are selling it for $69.

Milt Fischbein - Jewellery Artist