Quick investment

Some time ago there was a thread regarding quick investment
techniques and materials. I cannot locate it and need information
regarding the investment and source(s). Can anyone direct me to this
in the archives, or provide the again?


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Dear Phyllis,

Jurgen from the Platinum Guild International just set Stebgo Metals
up with the quick set investment. We used it in school for a great
platinum day casting. We set up and cast two flasks in little over
three hours. Make sure whereever you get it to get the investment
renover. The stuff is damn near impossible to get off you castings.

Best Regards,

Tr the Teacher,
Todd Hawkinson

Jurgen Maerz from Platinum Guild wrote a brief article on the quick
investment for platinum in AJM Magazine. It’s in the Trade Tips column
in December 1999, page 70. If you need a copy, just drop me an e-mail
and I’ll be happy to send you the text back via e-mail. (If you want a
paper copy, just give the folks at MJSA a call at 1-800-444-6572.)

There’s no source in the article, but it does describe
the process in detail.


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The following is an excerpt from the Whip Mix web site
(http://www.whipmix.com/1invest/index.html) showing one of their fast
investments. They also have equipment for mixing. This is used in
small batches for dental labs (see dental supply houses also)

“FASTFIRE 15 is a fine grain phosphate investment which requires only
a 15 minute benchset before placing molds into a hot oven for rapid
burnout. It produces accurate, smooth castings using either the
ringless or metal ring technique. Optimum fit is achieved for all
crown and bridge alloys through dilution of the freeze stable

Lee Seymour
cc John Mang