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Quick change handpiece recommendations?

I’ve grown impatient or lazy with changing burs, etc. with my
flexshaft and wanted to try a quick change handpiece. I bought a #18,
but the runout was so great it was unusable (by eyeball about 0.5mm
at the end of a burr). I was able to exchange it for a new one, which
is better than the first, but still is noisy and wobbly compared to
the #30 that came with the machine. Is this just the nature of the
beast, or am I just having a run of bad luck, or is there a different
model I should be trying instead?

Consider the Technique handpiece (good quality) or the Foredom 20
(good price), or the Foredom 10 (good quality, runs very smooth).
The Pfingst AC and the Faro handpiece are similar to the Foredom 10.
The Foredom 18 is a good choice if you like that lever configuration
as it is unique to the 18, but I would not suggest the 18 for any
other reason. Remember, the collet grip on quick change handpieces
will become loose over time and the collet is not adjustable on the
Foredom 18. The collet is adjustable on all the other quick change


I love the Foredom #20 handpiece. Make sure you keep a bur in the
handpiece- even when you are not using it, or the collet will get
messed up.

Kate Wolf in Portland

Foredom 10D is the way to go. expensive but well worth it! Get it
with the duplex spring, you’ll be glad you did.

For many years I have used the Foredom H10. I was always pleased
with their performance, and the quick change feature, but I do have
trouble from time to time with the collettes failing, bearings
wearing and overheating under the hard usage they get in this shop,
and we end up replacing or rebuilding one every year or so. I use an
ancient workhorse H30 for real hard grinding work, and drilling, to
avoid abusing the H10’s, even though the H30 is not quick change.
Two flex shafts hang on the bench so either handpiece is available
w/o stopping.

When my most recent H10 started giving me fits early this year, I
decided to try the Swiss Techuniue Handpiece.

WOW, what a difference! I love this new handpiece, quick change
without even waiting for the motor to stop(!), and fits my hand so
much better than any of the Foredoms that I have used for the last 35
years! I am highly impressed with this handpiece, although only time
well prove it’s durability. I already have a strong hunch this tool
is going to give me years of great service, it is made so well.


It sounds like your H.18 handpiece is defective. Foredom handpieces
are checked prior to shipping to make sure that they have no greater
than 0.005" run out 3/4" from the collet face. Please contact me or
send it back to my attention at Foredom we will take a look at it.

Mike Zagielski
Foredom Electric, Zona Tool

For those of you who are just getting into using flex shafts, I do
highly recommend the H.20. James, you are so right for your field and
professional skills. The Swiss Technical Handpiece is great. IF you
can’t lay down $189 and want the ease of a quick change for more
moderate use, then the $89 H.20 is terrific. I use it all the time,
but I’m not a bench jeweler either and my needs are different.

Karen Christians