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Quick change hand piece question

Ken, Thanks for pointing out the detail about the faro replacement
duplex spring. I use an old Phingst and assumed that this and the
foredom models were all made by the same manufacturer and marketed
under different names. While $24.95 for the faro replacement
duplex(from Frie Borel) is not an excessive price for a part that I
break only a couple of times a year, it is enough for me to change
my recommendation to the Foredom #10D.

Do you have any idea why Faro went this direction? Do you feel there
is any improvement?

John Sholl

Hi John,

    Do you have any idea why Faro went this direction? Do you feel
there is any improvement? 

There is no improvement in the duplex. Usually when a company does
something like this it is to discourage the customer from repairing
the item. After all any manufacturer is in business to sell new
equipment. So they play all sorts of games like this.

The Faro with the Faro duplex can be converted to the Foredom duplex
and it costs about the same as replacing the Faro duplex and cover
once, then it is less than $5 for a new duplex spring each time.
This may be something to think about next time you need to replace
the duplex on your Faro.

The savings over time makes it worth it.

Ken Kotoski

Got to put in my two cents here. I use the foredom quick change
handpieces (the ones with the lever and no duplex spring) and have
used them for almost 20 years without repair or replacement. I use
two of them as well as a couple of the good old standard chuck type…
I don’t think you can get much better than that. Frank Goss

A little tidbit of new regarding the Techno-X. I today asked Vinnie
at Habsons supply, here in Seattle, about their fate, and he picked
up the phone and called the supplier he gets them from. Apparently,
and of course I can’t independently verify this, that gent’s company
just returned from Sweden where they’d helped arrange refinancing for
the very small firm that makes the Techno handpiece. He says, by the
way, that the things are almost individually hand built… The
implication is that the firm will go back into regular production and
availability should improve now. It will be interesting to see if
this is indeed the truth of the matter…


Attn Lisa, Buy the Faro Handpiece with a U.S. duplex connection. You
should be able to pick it up at any Supply house. If you have any
difficulty in obtaining one let me know. Foredom, Pfingst & importers
like us have Faro parts available. In New York City, Chicago and Los
Angeles Faro is # 1. It out sells any other quick release handpiece
for the flex shaft.

1. Lasts Long without problems
2. availability of parts
3. Easy to repair yourself
4. Repair Techs availble in all major cities.

Stay away from Faro with the Italian (Faro in house) duplex. Easy to
repair but breaks often & parts are expensive.

Kenneth Singh
selling Faro for 25 years.

    implication is that the firm will go back into regular

Good news, Peter…thanks! When the Techno X is working right, it, to
me, is the easiest,quick changing, high speed handpeice I’ve
used.Only when it won’t hold the next, or new 3/32 shank or the
release lever screws up…do I curse at it. What was that saying? “A
good worker never quarrles with his tools” HA HA HA Thomas Blair
Island Gold Works