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Questions about the price of gold

I have been asked to make a wedding band for my father in law,
simple enough… but when we went to buy the materials! I knew the
price was up, but jeeze! So what I want to know is, if gold is $1619
today, why do places like costco and walmart have 14kt bands for sale
for $200-$400? We can’t afford for me to make this by hand, why not?
He wants solid 18kt yellow. I was going to by half round ring stock
in a pretty hefty gauge. Does anyone know a web site or company that
will sell me just the 3 inches I need, rather than a whole foot?

Cassandra Lee Ericson

Google for Cookson metals birmingham UK They used to be THE bullion
dealers as Johnson Mattey for over 100 yrs. 100% reliable for
quality. Email them for a price.

They will

1.quote you for 3 in.
2. give you the weight
3. detail shipping costs by insured courier.
4. accept payment by credit card

Yes my friend,

Hoover and Strong will sell you three inch lengths, and when you see
the color I suggest you get the royal yellow. It really has a warm
color as it was 22 carat.

Enjoy. Mark

rio grande sells 18 kt half round by the inch. 3 inches just priced
out to $123.45 in 8 gauge dead soft.


Here in UK I can buy gold in any size I like from Cooksons - just
half an inch of D section if I want to.

Regards, Gary Wooding

Hello Cassandra,

Stuller will - by the inch, even. is the page.
You will need to create a wholesale account.

Judy in Kansas

Try Stuller Settings for the ring stock, 800-877-7777, they will
ship it overnite. For the size you are looking for, the min. length
is probably 3". One of the main reasons that those stores can afford
to sell at a lower price is because they buy in mass volume and get
a price break. also, I’m sure they will make up the loss because
their retail is higher than our wholesale, if that make sense.

Good luck,
Steve Cowan Arista Designs LLC

Most places sell gold by the penny weight. You can go to

to figure out how many pennyweights equal 3 inches of 18k. They have
calculators built into the web site. You would have to know what
gauge you want and the width. Minimum purchase is 1" x 1/2". This
process will tell you how much you need and then you can shop

Kindest Regards, R

The price of metals has finished my 50years of making things in
precious metal’s. There is no answer!