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Questions about the Gerry Lewy Bead Setting Lesson

I have questions about the bead setting Gerry Lewy Lesson. When he sets the stones he switched to a different casting, do you still undercut the prongs if you stay with the raw bar casting?

Hi Sharon, and everyone on the Ganoksin Jewellery Forum!!!.
Here are 9 photographs showing this style of setting, this name is called “Pre-Cutting”, The name is when all of the “Rough-Cutting” with your Onglette graver of #1 and following with a Onglette #2 then finishing off with your Flat graver of #40.
YES, all of these mini-beads are using a “Busch bur, 156C” - Undercutting bur" it’s also with the SQU number of 414.
Each of those mini-beads are using a little seat, or indentation into the bead. This bur, with this bead, actually allows the stone to sit into the metal evenly.

YOU CONTROL THE DEPTH with your 156C bur, if you don’t use your 156C, you are also not controlling how the stone will sit.

I’ve been using this method for the past 50+ years and it has given me much freedom as to allow any damage to come to the girdle of the stone. You can Bright-Cut the metal with no chances to have any problems.


I only wish and hope that this little essay aids you and all with this learning lesson.

Thanks Gerry for responding. Much appreciated and much help.