Questions about recently acquired Smith’s NE150 torch

I recently purchased a used Smith NE180-2 torch tip from a gentleman on Facebook marketplace. As we were finishing up our discussion he asked if I might be interested in another small torch that he had. It is a Smith’s NE150 gas/oxy torch body with several additional screw on tips. The price was right, so I picked it up too.

The size and configuration reminds me of the Hoke jewelers torches. I looked up online and found a transcription of an old Smith’s catalog that noted the NE140 is for oxy acetylene and the NE150 is for manufactured or natural gas or propane. I do not have easy access to natural gas in my workshop and have not worked with propane, but I am interested in trying it out. Can anyone provide their experience with this torch and provide any suggestions about setting up a propane oxygen torch? I have oxygen and acetylene tanks and regulators.

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All I can say is the oxy propane is very easy to use and setup. You’ll just need a regulator to match your gas bottle.

The NE 140 looks like a Smith Little Torch…Rob