Questions about CAD/CAM in jewellery industry

These questions are to ask those who use CAD/CAM softwares in their
working process.

  1. Do you use any CAD/CAM programs for your works? Which program do
    you use the most?

  2. What made you use it? How does it help in your practice?

  3. By using the program, how does it make you understand the 3D

  4. How heavily do jewelers rely on the program in their production
    in current industry?

  5. What are the benefits of the program?

  6. In order to communicate with others, in what way does it help
    build the relationship with the others? (Do you build any connections
    with other jewelers? - communicating with customer, wax carver, etc.)

  7. Since 3D modeling program gets used widely, do you think drawing
    skill is not a critical component because you already have the
    rendering series built in the program?

  8. How broadly do you think the 3D modeling programs are going to be
    used by artists in general? (not only jewelers)

  9. In what way does using the program reduce the number of errors
    during the making process? Or it doens’t at all?