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Question: turning 18K yellow gold to white

Hi, I have a dilemma. I have a beautiful wedding and engagement
set that are 18K yellow gold. I’ve been married for 15 years and
thought it was time for a change, IOW a new setting to fit my old

Well I bought a beautiful new platinum setting, but it turned
out that the old stone would not fit properly into the new
setting, so I just had to buy a stone that would. (Obnoxious :wink:

I still have my beautiful old wedding set, which I would like to
change to white. Is there any way that it can be dipped into
irradium or white gold to change the color? I heard this could
be done, tho it might have to be done every few years to keep the
yellow from coming through. I wouldn’t mind doing this, if it
didn’t hurt the stones in any way.

If anyone can advise me on this, I’d be most appreciative. I’ve
been looking around for new settings in white gold and platinum
and they are just too expensive after that other ring fiasco.

Thanks so much,