Question related to rough crushed gemstone for reuse

anyone knows is there any liquid or glue which is used to stick the crushy rough stone on copper and brass bangles.
Kindly let us know.

There are various types of epoxies and resins that will do it. Search on resin jewelry and you will find a lot of information…Rob

can you define any one or send any video link.
if possible

Honestly what I use is quick 5 minute devcon epoxy from Lowe’s. Any two part epoxy with the resin amd hardener (2) parts will work. And it should be clear of course. Mix the two in equal parts for 2 minutes and use as needed like regular glue. Let set for at least 10 to be safe. You can buy 2 part epoxy from Lowe’s or any hardware store, probably even Michael’s.
Hope this helps!

Just a heads up that regular epoxy will turn yellow when exposed to sunlight. Better to order one of the many jewelry epoxies like Colores from Rio, that will not yellow over time. Also the quick epoxies are not as strong as the slower curing epoxies. I learned all this working in the yacht business. Take care!

Not if its a non yellowing formula…
If this is jewelry repair we’re talking about you don’t need 4000 psi strength any 2 part epoxy will work.

Following are pictures of jewelry that I have made embedding crushed rock and sand in two part doming resin. They were made over a year ago and have not yellowed. You need some supplies beside the resin: gloves, pouring bottles or syringes, mixing cups, tooth picks and a slow steady hand. I do all of this on old cookie sheets as you will likely spill some resin. The sand is from a beach in Bermuda that we visited and the stone is crushed turquoise left over from a lapidary operation. This is a lot of fun…Rob

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For this purpose, is E6000 adhesive glue for jewelry and beads are useful or not?

No, you can’t control how it flows and I have no idea how clear it would be after it cures…