Question on Jewelry Technique

I am looking to find out how to, or understand more on a technique
used on a piece of costume jewelry(brooch) I have recently seen. It
looks like a thermoset type technique. It looks like it was heated,
bent and then set with a translucent surface. (The surface is a
shiny glass-like painted glaze but the underside is dull.) Any
idea? Thanx.



Your description sounds a lot like a variety of "memory plastic"
that my friend Tim used to use to make pins and brooches. I don’t
know much about it - but I have seen it for sale in one of our local
art supply stores. Drop me a note if you don’t get a better lead
from somebody else on the List - and I’ll give you Tim’s email


HI J, I can probably tell you exactly how this was done in costume
jewelry if you could send me a scan to my factory email address. We
do pewter/costume jewelry (which is a different process) as well as
casting /finishing in gold, silver, bronze for many different
designers , stores/catalogs and people in the trade. Contact:

Daniel Grandi